Best Breweries In Eugene, Oregon

brewery in Eugene OregonIt’s no secret that Eugene, Oregon is known for it’s local craft breweries.  On nearly every block there is a brewery that is almost always packed with people on any given night.

And I would know, as a beer lover myself I’ve been to nearly every brewery that Eugene has to offer.  Beer is always in season, but there’s nothing that beats a cool summer night in the Whitaker District drinking an IPA with close friends.

After touring multiple breweries and tasting pretty much anything that’s wet, I’ve conducted a list of some of the best breweries that Eugene has to offer.  If you are a craft brew fan like myself, and you’re looking for a place with a little more flavor and ambiance, then you’ll have to stop in for a beer at these local Eugene breweries.


Ninkasi, meaning “goddess of beer” is easily the best place to sit down with friends for a beer.  It’s located in the Whitaker district and has outside dining with fire pits that are perfect for summer and winter nights.  There is typically a food truck parked right on it’s property that serves the best combination of food: ice cream and waffles.

Ninkasi is known for a few of it’s beers; Total Domination, Dawn of the Red, and Pacific Rain.  Their seasonal beers are always popular and range from light and refreshing to heavy and full of delicious hops.

This is the one brewery that you should take the time to experience a brew tour.  It dominates the Whitaker district in terms of square feet as it continues to expand it’s modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

Whether you go by car, or roll in on your bike, you’ll want to experience everything Ninkasi has to offer.  Whether you like Lagers or IPA’s, the goddess of beer will have something you love.


Oakshire brewery, which was formerly known as Willamette Brewery until 2008, is also located in the Whitaker district just down the road from Ninkasi.  Oakshire has over 40 beers on tap and their frequent rotations guarantee that you can try something new each time you visit.

Oakshire usually has food trucks located outside their building which compliments their outdoor seating nicely. On a warm summer night you can find a table outside and even play a games like corn hole if you plan on staying a while.

They also have live music on occasion which is played indoors.  If you’re not interested in dealing with the music then you’ll want to find a place to sit outside. Whether you’re inside or outside, the atmosphere is perfect for whatever you are in the mood for.

Falling Sky

Located in downtown Eugene, this local brewery doesn’t just hit it out of the park with their beer.  Their food is almost a good enough reason to stop by and grab a table.  Their most popular dish is the Lamb Burger, which will send your taste buds in to meat heaven.   Pair that with your favorite malt or hop flavored beer and you’ll be in utopia.

Although the price is just a tad high, you have everything you want, from mouth watering food to refreshing craft beer.  They have a wide range of food and drinks on their menu that there is something for everyone.  Whether you crave IPA’s, or looking for a sweet or sour beer, you’ll find exactly what you want.

The place is so good that it will already have you planning for your next visit before you exit the doors.  It’s in a great location that is family friendly with a lot of seating options.  Oh, and their beer is pretty good too.

Hop Valley

There is just a tad bit of hostility towards Hop Valley ever since they sold themselves to Coors Light.  The other local breweries are not fond of selling out to the big boys, but hey, everyone has a price.

Plus, that’s beside the point.  Hop Valley has beer that everyone can love.  Sours, sweets, lagers, IPA’s, whatever it is you’re looking for, Hop Valley will deliver.  They have decent amount of seating inside and welcome families as they have a play area sectioned off for your little ones.

Hop Valley has a shuffle board located inside for people who like standing and playing games while they drink.  It’s a definitely fun and an easy way to kick back and relax when playing with a group of friends.  They also have plenty of outside seating if you’re looking to enjoy the beautiful Eugene summers.   Heaters and fire pits are also available for the cold winter nights.

Their food menu is pretty good, but it could be improved.  They have some tasty appetizers along with several entrees that will hit the spot.

There is a reason why Hop Valley has made it to the big leagues, whether the other local breweries resent them for it or not, they must be doing something right.

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